Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Post

So, Merry Christmas and here is the first recipe

I first heard about White Trash here on the internet.
And, obviously, as I live in Arkansas, I had to make a batch.
There are lot of recipes out there,
but I'm going to give you a British rule-of-thumb
 for making anything that involves mixing a cereal into melted chocolate.


The rule is: stir half the WEIGHT of cereal into the WEIGHT of chocolate.
( You might feel a little disappointed about the amount you can make
 but remember, 6 oz of rice crispies is a lot of rice crispies.)
  In other words, if you have a 6 oz bar of chocolate , you can add 3 oz of cereal'
 If you have half a kilo of chocolate, you can add 250 grammes of cereal.

 Now, if you're used to cooking with ingredients measured in cups,
working in weights can be rather daunting.
 If you check the nutritional information,
 it will usually give a weight-to-volume ratio
and you can guesstimate the amount you need.
It's really not an exact science.

Back to the trash...

Melt 20 oz of vanilla almond bark (Or Scotbloc, in the UK).
 If you're confident and wealthy, you can melt 20 oz of white chocolate, but be forewarned;
white chocolate doesn't behave as nicely as almond bark (Or Scotbloc).

 Once melted, add a combination of Chex cereal, small pretzels,
 Cheerios, salted nuts, tiny crackers...etc
 I  added  six cups of cereal, two cups of pretzels, a fistful of peanuts
and a scattering of M&Ms to my mix.
I stirred it up and poured it out onto a sheet of baking parchment.
Once it was cool and hard, I broke it up and ..there you go.

White and trashy. 

A  big handful in each cellophane bag, then I added this label.

And if you're on my gift list,
you're probably getting some of this.


1 20z packet of Vanilla Almond Bark
(Or White Chocolate Scotbloc)
3 cups any Chex
3 cups of any pale, crispy cereal
(or more Chex)
2 cups small pretzels
1 cup of peanuts or tiny peanut butter crackers
or tiny salty crackers

a handful of M&M, or Sixlets
 (Or chocolate Smarties if you're UK)


Melt chocolate, carefully.
Stir in ingredients until well coated.
Pour out a onto baking parchment 
or large non-stick baking sheet
and allow to cool or chill in the fridge.

Break up into chunks and you're done.

It's pretty addictive stuff, with that meld of 
sweet and salty, 
melting and crispy, 
white and trashy.


  1. Your first comment:)...this sounds very tasty and very easy to make...two good things. I'll keep the recipe and make it next year as this year I'm done and dusted for Christmas. Love the label:)

  2. My verification word was ....purress...very approproate considering the picture on your tag...LOL

  3. Congrats on your new blog-your're brave -a cooking blog-I HATE COOKING I am totally allergic to the sight of a kitchen !!-unfortunately it has to be done .I try to stick to one-two pot dishes!!And on top of this I have to cook Xmas dinner- now I'm raging I turned down an invitation but I knew I would have to return the favour and absolutly no way.Have a lovely Christmas all the best Mary

  4. Lol @ Mary Ann! Wow! Puress? That's just too funny!I found her picture and though, well, she looks the happy-go-lucky type!

    Oh, and I'll have to take the word verification off! I didn't know it was left on, lols!

  5. I do have some good friends who hate cooking. You're not alone. As Hubby pointed out, it's not that I like cooking...I just like food to look pretty!
    I'll try and post some easy stuff; you know, the kind of thing that never fails, always looks good and is always tasty! Sometimes we can't get out of pot luck, family reunions, bake sales or entertaining!

  6. Oooh, thank you Mina! It's pretty wicked stuff, actually, in all kinds of good ways.